1. Pull a number from the thing they used to use at the deli counter - number 27
  2. Balls - they're on number 11
  3. Guess I'll get on the List App!
  4. Wow there are a lot of old (65 years old) people here - do they watch cable TV??
  5. Will my camera make a noise if I take a picture..... Don't care they won't hear it
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  6. The guy next to me smells like bad breath. Not BO, bad breath - but he hasn't opened his mouth....?
  7. "Now serving #15". Ugh.
  8. Maybe I don't need a cable box in my bedroom.
  9. Wow they just went through a bunch of numbers and are now on 22!
  10. All the non-geriatrics must have pulled a high number and walked out.
  11. Bad breath man was 23
  12. Two old ladies across from me are talking about emails. It's precious - glad they're not mine (my mom/MIL are difficult enough)
  13. 24!
  14. #24 has a cable box with buttons on it. She's wearing a Gilligan hat, which I'm guessing was on the air when she got the box....
  15. Loooong wait for 25
  16. 26, I'm on dedk
  17. Glad I stayed now this may clock in under 45 min....
  18. I'm up!!