Today I Turn 40 - Here Are Some GIFs I Found When Searching "I'm 40"

With some old guy commentary sprinkled in. I like you people and doing a list on your birthday seems like a thing, so I'm suppressing my self-consciousness and hitting "Publish" (😳😊). #OldAF #OwnIt #AgeIsJustANumber #Hashtag
  1. Black and White - appropriate I guess. Off to a great start.
  2. I love Cecily Strong. 😍
  3. Okkkkaaaayyyyy
  4. British Jim and Kevin - nice!
  5. "Who's 40 and not wearing pants? THIS GUY!!"
  6. ❤ you Liz/Tina.
  7. Rich Eisen running the 40 yard dash at the NFL Combine in a suit 😄
  8. Cruel and unusual punishment (planning to use this heavily in the future).
  9. "Leslie and Paul, does Brett look 40?"
  10. "You're turning how old today?!?"
  11. Me too.
  12. No idea what this is about, cool mountain though.....
  13. I strongly disagree and wish I could prove you wrong.
  14. MY EYES!!! MY EYES!!!
  15. I feel ya, Paul.
  16. I'm glad this isn't true.
  17. 🌊
  18. Been there, Paul.
  19. A little harsh but I'll take your word for it.
  20. It's science. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  21. Never leave a 40 behind.
  22. This makes me dizzy.
  23. Like...... In real life? (Lots of other Megan Fox GIFs I don't feel comfortable putting on this list, FYI)
  24. Eminem, take your hood off. No seriously.
  25. I am, Paul. I. Am.
  26. Listen John Lithgow, that's on you.
  27. Got it, Steve.
  28. Yes, bro, I'm turning 40.
  29. Same.
  30. Same.
  31. Same.
  32. SAME!
  33. Indeed.
  34. Dear Father Time:
  35. Thanks for stopping by everybody!