1. Scottsdale, Arizona
    But it's a dry heat! Back of the line, desert.
  2. Omaha, Nebraska
    Peyton Manning ruined this one for me.
  3. Lebanon, Pennsylvania
    A country and a state mashed together that could not be more different, I'd imagine.
  4. Kankakee, Illinois
    Fun to say, with the K's and the S on the end that I compulsively MUST pronounce when with coworkers in Chicago, both for the look 👀 and to see who has the stones to correct me. 😄
  5. Oneonta, New York
    A tongue-twister.
  6. Milwaukee, Wisconsin
    Good beer, good Midwestern people, and the hook to my immediate response when someone says Milwaukee "Baxter!!! Is that you?? Bark twice if you're in Milwaukee!!" Bonus points if you know the movie without Google....
  7. Sioux City, Iowa
    Fun to say, bonus points for the 25% chance it'll come out as "Sueshitty."
  8. Wahoo, Nebraska
    Who doesn't like to say "wahoo?"
  9. Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
    Any time a city and a state are combined to create a 10-syllable masterpiece, I'm on board.
  10. Grand Rapids, Michigan
    Come at me, bro.