Top 10 Seinfeld Cameos, Ranked

Famous people that played themselves on the show.
  1. 10.
    Corbin Bernsen - S4E1 "The Trip (Part 1)"
    Kiiiind of a dick. Uncomfortable hearing George's idea backstage at "The Tonight Show" about an "LA Law" episode based on his real-life cat story. Favorite line: "So you killed the cat."
  2. 9.
    George Wendt - S4E1 "The Trip (Part 1)"
    Uncomfortable hearing George's idea about shooting "Cheers" episodes outside the bar backstage at "The Tonight Show." Favorite line: "Yeah, uh, you oughta write one of those.."
  3. 8.
    Fred Savage - S4E1 "The Trip (Part 1)"
    Gets freaked out by Kramer's attempts to pitch him his treatment in an LA restaurant. Favorite line: "Yeah, it's fate, you know - can't avoid your fate!"
  4. 7.
    Bryant Gumbel - S5E2 "The Puffy Shirt"
    Couldn't hide his amusement with Jerry's puffy shirt. Favorite line: "You're all kinda, all kinda 'puffed up.'"
  5. 6.
    Mel Tormé - S6E19 - "The Jimmy"
    The straight man to Kramer's "special" seat at a charity event where the Velvet Fog sings. Favorite line: "Well I think that's the tops."
  6. 5.
    Keith Hernandez - S3E17/18 "The Boyfriend (Parts 1 & 2)"
    Love the dynamic of a boyfriend struggle between Jerry and Elaine over the same guy. Favorite line: [in his mind] "Come on I won the MVP in '79. I can do whatever I want to."
  7. 4.
    Jon Voight - S6E8 "The Mom and Pop Store"
    Bit Kramer when he thought he'd lose his cab. What a nutty plot line (and easy gig for JV - here's the call from his agent: "Jon, buddy - can you spare an hour on Monday morning? Head on over to the Seinfeld lot, pretend to call a cab, close-up on you biting a guys arm, boom-bam you're done. $250k. Call me back"). Favorite line: *chomp*
  8. 3.
    Marisa Tomei - S7E15 "The Cadillac (Part 2)"
    The multi-episode arc about her liking quirky, funny bald men culminates in her punching George upon finding out he's engaged (to Susan). Favorite line: "You're so right! I never thought of it like that. Manure. 'Ma' and the 'newer.'"
  9. 2.
    Raquel Welch - S8E22 "The Summer Of George"
    Kramer has to fire her from the Broadway play "Scarsdale Surprise" because she didn't swing her arms when she danced and the producers were scared of her and she gets in a Cat Fight with Elaine on the street. Favorite line: "If you bring it up again I will feed your genitals to a wolf!"
  10. 1.
    Bette Midler - S6E24 "The Understudy"
    A natural actor, playing herself performing in "Rochelle, Rochelle - The Musical" (a callback to a previous episode/season) was 💯. Favorite line: "Good. Because if I don't get a Black and White cookie, I'm not going to be very pleasant to be around."