1. Oh man, that was awesome!
    And I'm sure there are more to come, and I can't wait!
  2. What a fun Tuesday!
  3. I hope I didn't cause anyone anxiety or sadness.
    By getting a List Request 😬 or if you didn't get one 😕.
  4. A few things I learned:
  5. Pretty much everyone has a food-related item in their list.
    A lot of clean-platers on the List App!
  6. Nobody used the easy Kanye/Taylor Swift meme.
    I'm shocked - honestly "I'mma let you finish" is what made me think of the topic! But there's still time 😄
  7. Only a few of you published an unfinished list.
    And it was funny!
  8. Again, thank you all for participating. Another example of how incredible you all, and List App, really are!
  9. 🙌🏼
  10. ✌🏼️