My first requested list!!! Thanks @daniellesmale !! We have multiples, specifically fraternal triplet boys. These challenges may or may not apply to POTs (Parents Of Twins). It's all about math. Will add to it if I come up with more....
  1. Car Troubles
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    "You're gonna to need a bigger boat.." We started out with an Acadia, which has a 3rd row - should be fine, right? (Those of you without car-seat knowledge take a break) When forward-facing became a reality, it was either a minivan or newer Suburban. Why? The 3rd row of almost every vehicle has only one tether hook in the back and it's in the middle so you can't have 2 permanents back there. With 2 buckets - no Bueno. And no minivans, per wife. So Suburban we bought.
  2. Sleepy Time
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    Luckily we live in a gigantic 7 bedroom, 9,500 sq. foot manor #SARCASM. Where do they sleep? We didn't have 3 more bedrooms, so we put them all in one room. How do they sleep if one of them doesn't want to and raises holy hell? They don't. So you don't. We overcame through sheer will, rigid scheduling, swaddling, white noise, and eventually the Ferber method. They're actually still in cribs until they figure out they can escape- hopefully not for a while *knocks on wood*
  3. Feeding
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    My wife, an angel sent down from heaven to constantly make me simultaneously feel lucky and unworthy, pumped for 9 months. It was tough, especially when trying to keep them on the same schedule- that meant at 2 am, she hooked up the boob juicer and fed one a bottle, while I propped the other two up in Boppies on the floor and fed them simultaneously. Props to podcasts (separate list) for keeping me almost lucid during those days......
  4. Feeding Part 2
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    How do you keep track of who ate when, and how much? And dirty diapers? A chart? We started with one, but then went more rigidly with schedule, which they all luckily got on board with. My wife decided on a color assignment as well (which they still have - Bobby = blue, Drew = green, Max = orange), and we got these colored bands to put on the bottles. Oh, the dishes.....!
  5. Strollers
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    Trying to get them out of the house for a walk is, you know, difficult. There are a few specialized strollers on the market but holy balls they're $$$$.
  6. Babysitting
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    "Hey neighbor, would your daughter be interested in watching our three babies for an hour..... Hello? Hello?" Yeah, we were shut-ins for a long time if you haven't figured that out yet....
  7. Seating
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    Not enough chairs at the dinner table. We had 8 chairs at our dining room table (that just fit in the dining room), which works for our family that went from 3 to 6; but if we try and have anyone other than a couple over for dinner, we are unable to fit everyone at the same table. 😕
  8. Air Travel
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    Haven't, can't, won't.