Wedding Crashers GIFs For Some Occasions

Criminally underrated and underrepresented in the GIF department.....
  1. When anyone, anywhere, any time says the word "meatloaf."
  2. When you're trying to shut down a possible fight but remain funny.
  3. When demonstrating a "motorboat."
  4. When someone does something (they think is) embarrassing.
  5. When someone is being a loser.
  6. When someone is hinting around at asking you for something but not coming out with it.
  7. When your teenager says not to worry, they'll check in later.
  8. Self-explanatory.
  9. When someone needs some reassurance.
  10. When your friend says he/she is going on date number ___ with that person they really find attractive.
  11. When someone is being a prick.
  12. When someone is being an idiot.
  13. When you're sorry you're not sorry.
  14. When someone inexplicably starts yelling at you.
  15. When someone is recovering from a breakup.
  16. When someone is clearly wrong.
  17. When you need to eat all the breakfast.
  18. When someone says something slightly.... off.
  19. When someone is really struggling with a decision and the possible ramifications.
  20. When you're not wearing any panties.
  21. When you're giving a pep talk before heading out.
  22. When maple syrup is a category during trivia.