What 4 Little Boys Find Funny At The Dinner Table, Vol. 17

  1. We try and keep our "grownup" language to a minimum around our 6-year-old and (3) 3-year-olds.
    But nobody is perfect.
  2. Tonight at dinner the oldest got up and sprinted away from the table, and I shouted "GET YOUR BUTT BACK HERE!!!"
    We use the word "bum" to reference our posteriors (if possible).
  3. He returned and started saying "butt butt butt" quietly and laughing.
    I heard him and tried to ignore it.
  4. Mom heard it and said "we don't use that word, we say bum."
  5. To which he replied "I'm using the vocabulary word "but," mom.
  6. Mom
  7. Me
  8. Boys
  9. Mom
  10. Me in the morning
  11. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯