Great LR @nathanveshecco - glad you're "back!"
  1. How a song can alter my mood for those 3-4 minutes (and sometimes longer)
  2. How I can hear a song hundreds of times and still pick out something I hadn't noticed before
  3. How it can alter any movie/TV scene
    Most people don't realize how affected they are by this
  4. How it can be a raw and emotional form of expression that would be socially unacceptable in most other mediums
    Same with comedy
  5. How it can change my golf game
    Not kidding. The last music I hear will be in my head, so if it's too fast my swing is jacked. And I can't play with music on the cart/bag, for the same reason....
  6. How it can give a snippet of personality to a baseball players at-bat
    Walk-up music choice is an underrated factor. I spend way too much time thinking about it hypothetically when watching live baseball
  7. How it can be an amazing communal experience
  8. How infinite it is, despite the limitations of our language
  9. How it can trigger memories (good and bad)
  10. How timeless and immortal some music can be
  11. How completely and totally unable I am to make it
    But I am able to consume and enjoy it, regardless