My wife is basically 6 foot, I'm barely 5'10" - I'm not sure she'd consider herself "very" tall but regardless, there are things unique to my marriage due to her verticalness.
  1. Get to listen to her complain or rejoice about clothes
    Finding a pair of pants that are the right length AND fit everywhere else is a moment of great rejoicing. And shirts are never long enough. Side note - one of her favorite things is a Patagonia fleece we found at Whistler, because it's long; apparently it's a style specific to rock climbing. Not anyone cares to know details let me know in the comments.
  2. Never have to move my car seat
    My mom is 5'1" - having to try and get in the car after her is a contortionist's dream. Memory buttons are nice in cars that have that feature, but both our cars are set in one spot and stay there. 👍
  3. She was blessed athletically
    I can throw a baseball/softball at her as hard as possible, play catch with a football at 30 yards a lot more, and lose at basketball regularly. I'm competitive and I like this - her height is a factor as I have a bigger target when throwing to her and I can back her down on basketball without guilt. Oh and she can hit a golf ball a long way (height helps here as well).
  4. She can reach anything
    I don't need to be needed to get things down to validate my masculinity (but I'll be damned if I'm going to ask her to get it for me). ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  5. My kids are tall already
    The boy who will be 6 in 3 weeks is taller than everyone in his class by at least 5 inches, 99 percentile for height. The other three boys are all over 85 percentile. No Napolean complexes here.
  6. No heels
    No listening to complaints about heels and how they are evil and they hurt her feet - flats FTW
  7. I can wear her scrubs
    Not that I'd do that....😊 she has to wear men's.
  8. People say "wow you're tall" to her
    Which seems rude to me, idk - would they say "wow you're fat" or "wow you're skinny" or "wow you're bald" or "wow you're short" or "wow you have 5 arms?" I assume they view it as a compliment of sorts but... Yeesh.