Requested by @aus10
Great request @aus10, I could definitely go funny/sarcastic or movie/TV - but actually thought about it.....
  1. A cherry Coke
    But with the cherry syrup pumped into a fountain Coke, like I used to get at the movie theater in my small town growing up.
  2. A slice of Giordano's stuffed sausage pizza
    I know there's "better" proprietors, but this goes back to my youth traveling to the Windy City....
  3. Stacked Au Gratin cheddar potatoes
    From The Chop House in Grand Rapids.
  4. Grilled Asparagus topped with butter and crumbled Ritz crackers
    Like my Grandma used to make.
  5. White raspberry cheesecake
    From Olive Garden (don't judge, I'm about to die here). The white chocolate just makes me 😍