Usually 5 years is the standard, but I think with the wide range of ages and life stages of DayLi.sters this could be really interesting. Please long-press on the title and make your own (if so inclined), and add categories as you see fit......
  1. Relationship
    Turning the corner on my 24th year of marriage, staring down the big 2-5 in March. Wow. 😳 Probably should start saving now for the trip we will want to take to celebrate.
  2. Family
    Would like to have 4 teenage boys in my house - (1) 16 and (3) 13. Hopefully all of the Tripocalypse™ will be in the same class. Food bill = 💸💸💸 Hopefully both sets of grandparents are still around (in their mid-70's) but realistically 1 of the 4 will be gone and I'll be tasked with caring for the remaining.
  3. Career
    Definitely in the technology industry in some capacity. Some time in the next 10 years I'll have a crossroads decision to make: do I go towards management for more money but more hours/travel/stress, or do I stay an individual contributor with flexibility (or even take less for a local job)? As mentioned in "family" I'll have 4 teenagers who'll be in activities during the week.... 🤔
  4. Geographically
    I hope I'm still in Western Michigan, as we built our house 5 years ago with the intent to stay here. My job is flexible but my wife's is very specific so it would take a major (negative) issue for us to move, which I'd prefer not happen. Our only mutually-agreeable destination would be Colorado, but after the nest is empty for sure.
  5. Health/Appearance
    I'll be shaving my head proactively by 50, as the bald spot continues to grow as I list. Will a grey beard look good on me? We will soon see as the greys advance slowly but surely. I continue to slowly lose weight (18 lbs since last October), and I hope I'll have hit my goal weight and stayed there starting with my next birthday in May. Part of the impetus has been high blood pressure and a family history of heart disease, so I hope by 50 there haven't been any related health issues.
  6. Public Service
    I'd like to have taken my family on at least one, ideally more trips to impoverished locations to help in some way. It can be cliche, but I want my kids to get some perspective and I miss helping others beyond my overwhelming current life. I used to volunteer working with the pediatric oncology in-patients at my wife's hospital and that was very rewarding - I'd like to start that up again.
  7. Financial
    In 10 years I would hope that we would be on the last 3rd of our mortgage and without any other debt, knowing that college starts in 2 years 😱😱😱😱.
  8. Vacation
    Would hope to have been to Europe at least once, skiing a few times with the boys, and possibly to Australia.