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  1. This picture was taken on Labor Day this year.
    At my Aunt's cottage on a lake about 20 minutes from my house. It's small (2 beds, 1 bath) and they've had it for ~25 years, and every Labor Day they host the end of year party for anyone who wants to come. It's my mom's sister, one of 5 siblings, and when I was younger there could be as many as 14 cousins there.
  2. I used to watch my younger cousins (I'm the oldest), and now those younger cousins have kids my kids age. 😳
    The walls of the cottage are covered in framed collages of pictures of each year. It's fun to go around and find pictures of myself in HS, college, early married, etc.
  3. So I'm sitting on their dock in this picture, watching my boys play with my cousins kids.
    Does that make them second cousins? I don't know TBH.
  4. Ranking the fun:
  5. 7 - Packing up all the stuff and kids
  6. 6 - Jumping off the dock and swimming to the raft
    Because mom wasn't gonna do it
  7. 5 - Catching up with my parents/Aunts/Uncles/cousins
  8. 4 - Boat rides where I got be a passenger
  9. 3 - Bags
    Cornhole to some. My dad is unbeatable but I enjoy trying.
  10. 2 - Eating food I didn't have to prepare specifically for 3 year-olds
  11. 1 - Drinking a beer while others help watch the Tripocalypse™