Requested by @kate81
  1. Well CK, I played sports for many years.
    Football (through HS), baseball ('til 31), softball ('til 34). Any team I played on, with the exception of 2 years in college, I wore 7.
  2. I would have considered naming a child "seven" but my favorite show ruined that.
    Thanks a lot, George.
  3. 7 is a prime number.
  4. 7 has religious significance.
  5. 7 looks awesome.
    I mean, just stare at it for a minute. 7️⃣👀
  6. Damn, right??
  7. I have a tattoo that incorporates the number and a Biblical reference.
    And it's not the 7 deadly sins (thank you Morgan Freeman/Brad Pitt).
  8. However, none of my all-time favorite athletes wore 7.
    That list is coming @supercommonname
  9. So there ya go.