1. March 16 is our wedding anniversary.
    So every year it is near or on St. Patrick's Day ☘
  2. We didn't plan that, that's just how it worked out.
    In 2002, we wanted to get married before she started Graduate school in May and the reception hall was only available that day. So there you go.
  3. On this 14th anniversary, I'm reminded that:
  4. ☘ I'm lucky that our paths crossed so long ago.
    I listed about it here: How I Met My Wife ❤️
  5. ☘ I'm lucky she finds me funny.
    It may only be 51% of the time - but I'll take it!
  6. ☘I'm lucky that she was willing to go through the physical and emotional torture that was IVF, 2 pregnancies on bed rest, and 2 surgeries to bring our 4 amazing boys in to this world.
    I could have lost her, or them, at any point along the way. 🙏🏼
  7. ☘I'm lucky that she enjoys skiing, and skiing with me.
  8. ☘ I'm lucky that she thought our anniversary was Thursday and tried to schedule a (much needed/deserved) ladies dinner and a movie night with her coworkers.
    😄 I was all "sure I'll feed the kids and put them to bed, you should definitely go!" Wait for it, waaaaaay for iiiit....... The next day 💥 marriage trump card for Brett!!! 😄🙌🏼
  9. ☘ I'm lucky that she puts up with my weird habits/quirks.
    List App, Seinfeld obsession, music OCD, movie OCD, etc etc etc. She's a saint.
  10. ☘ I'm lucky that we like the same shows/movies.
    There are a few we'll watch separately when I'm traveling, but our choices are pretty in sync when lining up the DVR schedule or finding a movie to watch.
  11. ☘ I'm lucky that she is so smart and good at what she does.
    She's a Physician Assistant in the Pediatric Hematology and Oncology (kids with cancer) unit at our local Pediatric Hospital. Honestly they're lucky too, she's amazing and it takes a special soul to work with that patient and family population.
  12. ☘ I'm lucky that despite her amazing medical skills, she has (and wants) a job that is part-time.
    (2) 10 hour days a week. My kids are lucky too. She wants to be the best mom she can, and like any other working mom she struggles with the right balance. ❤️ to all the working moms out there.
  13. ☘ I'm lucky she also likes sports.
    And we agree on most teams, with the exception of White Sox/Cubs.
  14. ☘ I'm lucky that if given the choice between hanging out with me or doing almost anything else, she'd pick me. 😊
    And vice versa. Marry your friend, kids.
  15. ☘ I'm lucky that 14.5 years ago, in a park in Chicago, she said "yes."
  16. ☘ I'm lucky that 14 years ago today, she said "I do."
  17. ☘ I'm lucky that she ❤️ me.
  18. ☘ I am the luckiest.