1. It's a cartoon. Your kids will watch it.
    But don't use your kids (lack thereof) as an excuse, watch the movie.
  2. It's funny AF
    Not just for your kids, it's witty and quick and 👍🏼
  3. It's got David Spade in peak form as the Emperor/Llama.
    Like, sooooo good. The dry, sarcastic, "buh-bye" SNL David Spade. Side-note, I listened to his interview on the WTF podcast with Marc Maron and it was amazeballs and did you know his brother created Kate Spade handbags? Definitely good ish if you have time to give it a listen, 10/10.
  4. It's got Patrick Warburton.
    Perfect voice for the perfect role (and I'm not just saying that because he's in my Mantourage). He speaks squirrel. He double-dutches. He short-order cooks.
  5. It's got a theme song by Tom Jones.
    That's catchy AF and will be in your head all day and they animated a little Tom Jones and it's 👌🏼.
  6. It's got Eartha Kitt.
    I mean look at her. And that voice, amiright @shanaz ?
  7. And John Goodman.
    So good as the straight man.
  8. Even this old guy is hilarious.
    Beware the groooooove!
  9. And would I steer you wrong?!?
    Trust me you've watched waaaaaay worse and I bet you'll come back to this List and thank me (or your money back)!
  10. Just do it.