1. Fly
    Always fly - every time.
  2. I would keep it to myself
    It's not a very practical superpower, being dangerous (the FAA would be all up in my kitchen if they knew) and living so far north, it would be too cold most of the time. Unless I had some kind of suit or something - but in this "realistic" scenario I'm answering in, I would imagine wearing a full-mask motorcycle helmet and leathers. Both for warmth and autonomy.
  3. Like I wouldn't even tell my wife
    "Could you fly over to the store and get some milk?" "Why won't you tell people?" "How did you get this power?" And on and on and on.....
  4. And definitely not my kids OMG
    "Why can't I fly?" "Will you take me with you? Why not?" "Can I tell my friends?" "Why can't mommy fly?" And on and on and on.... 😱
  5. So I'd sneak away and fly up in the clouds to clear my head, just from time to time.
  6. Or maybe zip over to a game or concert in another town when traveling if where I was had nothing going on.
  7. (I'm glad I got this power in my late 30's and not earlier in life)
  8. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯