Thanks for the LR, @dudleyjoshua !
  1. You just want to hold them.
  2. You can't imagine being without them.
  3. You want to see them last before you go to sleep and first when you wake up.
  4. You know all their little noises.
    And what they mean.
  5. You know what buttons to push on them to make them glow.
  6. You know everything about them.
  7. You can't imagine going a day without them.
    Let alone an hour.
  8. Your friends and family make comments about how much time you spend with them.
  9. You think about them constantly when you're apart.
  10. Your hands instinctively know the contours of their shape.
    Even with your eyes closed or in the dark.
  11. You stare at them longingly if you're apart but in the same room.
  12. You think about them constantly while your mind should be focused on other things, like work.
  13. You search for them frantically if they're not where you left them.
  14. They are always with you.
  15. Please help me, it's a real problem.
    I'm in love with my cell phone. 😍📱😬😔