Thanks for the LR @veshecco !
  1. You daydream about summer activities in winter and winter activities in summer.
  2. You used to send out LR's to every Follower because you felt like everyone likes a good LR.
    Sorry if you got anxiety from it 😬
  3. You would never have signed up for 4 kids if given the choice, but can't imagine life without them.
  4. You're scuba certified and have dived (dove?) in 4 oceans.
    But never in the world's largest collection of fresh-water lakes you've lived very close to your entire life.
  5. You changed the title of the list/LR because uniformity.
  6. You enjoy driving.
  7. You have a savant-like ability to remember the dumbest things (like Seinfeld minutiae, or artist/title/lyric of music).
    But are terrible with names.
  8. You enjoy the solitude work travel can provide.
  9. You have been trying to eat/be healthier and lose weight for ~18 months.
  10. You love sports. And books. And music. And movies.
  11. Your safe word is Gardall.
  12. You are not a beer snob and are annoyed by your friends/neighbors who are and look down on you.
    Just give me my Bud Light and STFU.
  13. You have a sister who is 7 years younger than you and would be an awesome lister.
  14. You are closing out your 40th year and are getting retrospective.
  15. You photograph and list sunrises.
  16. You appreciate puns and great wordplay.
  17. You stop this list because the app keeps not saving Draft edits and would be pissed if it happened again.