We asked, and you responded. Thanks to everyone who voted in the #BYUHalloween costume contest, the top five results, as chosen by you, are below:
  1. 5. The Princess Bride Family
    Inconceivable! Receiving an average vote of 3.57/5, this family receives the fifth place spot.
  2. 4. Internet Explorer
    He spent all day walking around campus slowly, but leapt into 4th place with an average vote of 3.66/5.
  3. 3. UP
    Yes, that is Russell hiding in his stroller. This mom and baby stole votes (and hearts), and came in as the third best costume at BYU. Avg. vote: 3.75/5.
  4. 2. Abraham Lincoln
    Athletic Director Tom Holmoe's realistic depiction of our 16th president caught the attention of more than just our photographers. He received an average vote of 3.81/5.
  5. 1. The running of the bulls
    Running past Abe Lincoln at the finish line, these gents were quite the sight to see. They received an average vote of 3.85/5.