I am a white woman.

With everything happening in the world today, it seems a white woman particularly needs to STFU... Especially one that has social media accounts dripping in satire, and dry dark humor.....But maybe not, because after all, I live here too.
  1. The world is a scary place
    Too often we abide to that notion without asking ourselves, "why?" It is not because of "others," it is because of ourselves.
  2. Children are taught to fear and hate the unknown.
    And across the world, or the country, or the state, in a home not unlike yours, a mother teaches her daughter or son the same lessons. And those two children will grow up to hate one another despite never having conflict.
  3. That hatred lives and grows with each generation
    Founded on the principles and ideas that are so engrained in us that no one stops to question themselves.
  4. Everyone asks "will there ever be an end in sight?"
    But no one strives to be that end
  5. I was born privileged
    Not because I was wealthy or spoiled - I definitely wasn't.
  6. I was born white, in America, and to a family that loved me
    And one that could care for me. I know that is luck. And I am thankful for that luck every day.
  7. But I am not guilty
    I did not choose where, when, or whom to be born to. Though if I could, I would choose it just the same.
  8. Instead, I make a choice
    To embrace the luck that I was graced with, and choose love over hate
  9. I will not spread fear of other cultures
    Noting instead how we can all abide to different lifestyles, yet we all feel joy and sadness just the same.
  10. I will not spew hatred of other races
    Or of my own. Instead, respecting that we all walk our own paths regardless of how we look
  11. I will not shun those who are not as fortunate as I
    And I will not condemn those with more fortune.
  12. I will not disrespect other religions
    Your faith is yours and yours alone.
  13. I will not apologize for my race, my country, or my gender
    Instead, I will strive to be the goodness to represent them all.
  14. "It is easy to choose love in a life of privilege"
    Being white, or being a woman does not insulate me from being a human. It did not prevent the hardships and sadness that have overshadowed my life
  15. I have experienced heartbreak and loss
    And I have crumbled at that loss - of my family, of my hero, of my friend, and of myself.
  16. I have been affected by the evils of the world
    And have been preyed upon by those who decide they had the right.
  17. I have seen the pits of despair
    And known those that could not crawl out.
  18. It is because of that darkness that I choose light
    I will not look back on my life and know that I perpetuated hatred or heartbreak for others.
  19. "Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that"