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I have some but not all the series! What's wrong with me!!!
  1. Percy Jackson. the sea of monsters. By Rick riordan
  2. Percy Jackson. the Titans curse By Rick riordan
  3. Percy Jackson. The battle of the labyrinth By Rick riordan
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Because one doesn't not want books they need them
  1. Chaos of stars
  2. One hundred years of solitude -Gabriel Garcia Marquez
  3. Rebecca - Daphne du maurier
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Books loosely telling the same story in a different way. Example: Alice adventures in wonderland and after Alice or Alice I have been
  1. Alice I have been by Melanie benjamin
  2. Briar queen by Katherine harbour
  3. After Alice Gregory McGuire
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Books I want by anonymous
  1. Go ask alice
  2. Jays journal
  3. Calling Maggie mae
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