There's a lot but I'll tell you one😭😭
  1. OK so this one time I went to the beach... But the waves were really strong. So I was just s winning in my new bikini when all of a sudden there's this huge wave heading toward me. OMl I screamed so loud and when it went over me , I accidentally skimmed my hand over my chest and my bikini top was gone!!! Ithe water was shoulder deep
  2. And people noticed. I swear some of em pointed at me. I was the color of a tomatoe...... My parents noticed and came to my rescue (ily Mom and dad!!). They brought the towel in the water and I walked out. Then this guy he looked 15 walked up to me and gave me my top. He told me he found it when he was swimming. I just grabbed the top and blushed so
  3. hard. Omg I swear I never wore a bikini again until I was 13 (I'm 13 now.. I was 11 when that happened)