Geeky TV shows worth watching

I was never a TV junkie in high school. I watched the walking dead by the end of college and when my roommates were around I'd watch Sons of Anarchy. Then one day my friend showed me a show that opened my eyes to the amazing writing on TV. Now I'm a junkie. Tell me what are your favorite shows.
  1. Battlestar Galactica
    I'm talking the reboot. This is the show that my friend introduced me to. For those of you who are thinking, "sounds geeky" you're not wrong. It is set in space, there are robots, and well just look at the title. However, the show doesn't revolve around the geeky aspects rather these elements are the back drop for story that addresses how people respond when pushed to the edge and what they will do to survive. In this way it's more like the walking dead than star trek.
  2. Firefly
    I confess, I'm a brown coat. I am also still holding on hope for Joss Wheedon to reboot the series. Firefly is part western, part space adventure, and the perfect mix of comedy and drama. Sadly, the series was cancelled after one season. Why? Because fox aired the episodes out of order and people were just confused.
  3. Doctor Who
    Another story about humanity veiled in science fiction. A time traveling alien with two hearts, the Doctor is the last Timelord (kind of). Being the last of your kind and hundreds of years old can be lonely so the Doctor always had a companion or two--typically human. Between out smarting aliens and meeting historical figures the story that is told is one of love, friendship, sacrifice, and compassion.
  4. The Walking Dead
    People are angry about this last season. Hopefully this means AMC will stop trying to know what's best and let the original author and creative geniuses they hired continue to produce one of the best television shows around. Yes it's about zombies but any real fan will tell you it's really about survival. What would you do to avoid losing those you love? How far would you go to stay alive?
  5. Fear of the walking dead
    See above... On a boat and then in Mexico.
  6. Dexter
    Dexter is your everyday blood splatter analyst. He goes to work, he helps the Miami PD catch bad guys, and he goes home and cuts up other little bad guys in to little pieces. Another beautifully written show that uses the story of one man to question the dichotomy of good and evil in balance with law and crime.
  7. Lost
    I watched all the episodes and I liked them. Then I didn't. I'm still not really sure what happened but damn I'm glad I watched those good looking castaways. 4 8 15 16 23 42
  8. Arrow, the Flash, Supergirl, and Legends of Tomorrow
    Whoever is doing DC comics's TV work should take over their movies. These three shows tell the story of three members of the Justice League prior to the JLA's formation. Each us a bit cheesy in what is totally acceptable for teenage superheros.
  9. Young Justice
    More superheroes. More disappointment in TV shows getting cancelled. This animated show follows the Junior Justice League through two must see seasons where the sidekicks arw the stars.
  10. Daredevil and Jessica Jones.
    More superheroes! These two Netflix shows have good heroes but what makes them great is they have amazing villains. Much like Heath Ledger made the Joker your favorite character in the Dark Knight, the three villains in These two series were perfectly casted.