***these are all about different guys
  1. Purple hoodie
    In grade ten a boy asked me what my favourite colour was and I said purple. The next day he came in wearing a purple hoodie and put it around my shoulders
  2. Grey hoodie
    He said I could have it because he didn't wear it anymore
  3. Red hoodie
    I put it on after sex just as my father pulled up so I just ran out the door with it on. I haven't seen him since
  4. Blue hoodie
    I convinced him I couldn't sleep without it
  5. Pack of camel cigarettes
    He spent Christmas with his family in holland and I guess they're prominent there
  6. Thin silver bracelet
    He said his mum picked it out
  7. Free drugs
    Mostly pot
  8. Free drinks
    Mostly beer
  9. Disappointment
  10. A fear of all men