Here at Banff Carte Blanche, We’re proud to be Canadian, and we appreciate having the privilege of introducing groups of people from all over the world to Canadian culture. Banff is the perfect place for anyone’s first Canadian experience – why? It’s pretty much the most Canadian place on earth, and here are 7 reasons why.
  1. Wildlife
    If you happen to see a group of 30 caribou by the side of the road, you may feel that you’ve seen something truly remarkable and that your crudely shot cellphone camera video will achieve you YouTube fame. Well, we’re glad you’re amused, but we have to burst your bubble — it’s a pretty common sight here!We have pretty much all the animals you’d imagine when you think Canada. Just remember, don’t feed them!
  2. The Weather
    If there’s one thing anyone knows about Canada, apart from currently having a handsome prime minister, is that we don’t have the warmest climate in the world… Let’s clarify a few things first, no it’s not cold all the time. The summer months get quite warm (dare I say, hot, by Canadian standards!). That being said, yes -20 C days are not uncommon during the winter months. So if you’re coming to Banff in the winter, that cute little windbreaker of yours isn’t going to be of much use.
  3. The RCMP
    Banff is a national park, And as a national park it is under federal jurisdiction. That means the town’s police work is done by the RCMP (Royal Canadian Mounted Police). Many of you may know the RCMP as “the guys with the funny hats, red jackets and who ride horses”. While they do wear these outfits for ceremonial purposes, and some people think it looks funny, you shouldn’t mess with RCMP. They’re our best-trained police force, and if need be, throw your arse in Canadian prison (don’t laugh)
  4. Long Johns Anyone?
    If you’ve ever visited Banff, you would have noticed that almost every souvenir store sells long johns. What are long johns, you ask? Essentially long underwear. What they may lack in sexiness they certainly make up in practicality! Sure, your friends might laugh at you when you buy that nice pair of long johns with cartoon moose all over them, you’ll be the one laughing on the ski slopes.
  5. Poutine Obsession
    For those of you unfamiliar with our national dish, poutine is essentially french fries with cheese curds covered in hot gravy. While the origins of poutine are unclear, many argue it was conceived by divine inspiration (citation needed). In any case, almost every restaurant in Banff has their take on poutine. So if you plan on staying in Banff for a while, you might want to buy those Long Johns a size larger than you are right now, trust us!
  6. The Toque
    If you’re from anywhere other than Canada, you probably have a different word for this type of hat, but here it’s a toque, and oh boy is it popular! People will go through the winter months perhaps only taking them off to shower. Not wearing a toque is like not wearing underwear…you can get away with it but it’s frowned upon.
  7. Multicultural
    Tourists may come to Banff and say to themselves “This isn’t the real Canada, the town is full of people from all over the world, where are all the Canadians?”. The irony is, that is a perfect representation of Canada! Canada is proudly multicultural and embraces diversity in every way. We refer to our nation as a cultural mosaic. In this way, Banff is a microcosm of Canada as a whole — people from every country in the world living together in peace! O Canada!