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September 5, 2016. Dosage: zonked
  1. I talked with an eighty year old man today
  2. He said that he still thought of September as the start of a new year
    because of school, all those years ago
  3. I liked that.
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September 3. Dosage: mild.
  1. I was cleaning up some old boxes, and I came across some stuff from when I was about thirteen.
  2. It brought a certain feeling back, that exciting feeling I had back then of not knowing which direction I would go in life, of a million possibilities.
    The world was so big it was overwhelming.
  3. Feeling that again after so many years was intensely powerful — there were moments I almost sort of had to catch my breath.
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Dosage: average. July 30.
  1. A hot, humid summer's day.
  2. Frequent inhabitant of vacations, that one logy, lazy day where you let your plans slip
  3. For entirety specious reasons
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Dosage: average. July 24, 2016
  1. A beautiful weekend
  2. Everything in harmony — both work and play
  3. Maybe seems special because I didn't have to go anywhere.
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July 16, 2016. Dosage: average.
  1. I've been feeling sickly and muddleheaded
  2. But getting by
  3. Am I ill? Too much on my phone? Or is it just that the everyday world is dragging me down?
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July 4, 2016. Dosage: average.
  1. Sometimes I'll meet a woman and be completely knocked out
  2. A little dazed and confused in the wake of it
  3. Something beyond "oh, she's good-looking"
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July 2, 2016. Dosage: perfect.
  1. I hit a plateau: that's the positive spin to put on it.
  2. I was in a period of growth, but then the growth stalled.
  3. Like 1993: dry, empty, stagnating. No inspiration.
    In the wrong place.
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