Cannabis Thoughts

July 2, 2016. Dosage: perfect.
  1. I hit a plateau: that's the positive spin to put on it.
  2. I was in a period of growth, but then the growth stalled.
  3. Like 1993: dry, empty, stagnating. No inspiration.
    In the wrong place.
  4. And this plateau is treacherous and painful to be on.
  5. I'm seeing through past illusions, but what I see fills me with dissatisfaction and remorse.
  6. I obsess morbidly on my age and isolation.
  7. I wonder if it's time for a new inwardness, a retreat within.
  8. A trip to the inner well.
  9. Which is a dream, of sorts.
  10. But I need a dream.
  11. To be child-like and withdraw from the world
  12. To commune with the dead
  13. To run for mayor in a nowhere town
  14. And be extraordinary.