July 16, 2016. Dosage: average.
  1. I've been feeling sickly and muddleheaded
  2. But getting by
  3. Am I ill? Too much on my phone? Or is it just that the everyday world is dragging me down?
  4. Does pot help or hurt?
    I only smoke on weekends … but then again I've been feeling so slow-witted … but on the other hand it energizes me, in a way.
  5. The funny thing about pot is that it gets you fired up and enthusiastic, but at the same time it makes it harder to follow through on anything.
  6. I'm scouring the house for vitamins
  7. I saw a woman I used to love.
  8. And she suddenly seemed so dull.
  9. It frightened me — had she always been that way, and I'd never known it? Or had something changed?
  10. Will I ever love again?
  11. Has some well inside me gone empty?
  12. I think it has!
  13. I need to find another kind of well
  14. The rain shall bless my head
  15. I see a New England stone wall
  16. In youth we think each moment is momentous.
  17. That's part of its charm.
  18. Priceless anecdotes in some future biography
  19. Shall we be our own recorder?
  20. This is the key: always believe that there is more to come
  21. There's a tiny bird here
  22. Peckity peck!