September 5, 2016. Dosage: zonked
  1. I talked with an eighty year old man today
  2. He said that he still thought of September as the start of a new year
    because of school, all those years ago
  3. I liked that.
  4. I'm outside
  5. It is weather for rambling and cigars
  6. And frying the fat.
  7. Native American spirits are in the leaves
  8. Blowing hoo hooo
  9. The mind sharpens with the cold, he says
  10. We become cunning and foxy
  11. And return to the hearth
  12. He is my friend, just so long as I am cool with the animals and the trees
    He's too old to hold a grudge
  13. He is a grandfather
  14. Grandfather is as tall as a tree
  15. And he whispers hoo hoo