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Would still prefer my animal to be off doing its own thing in nature and to just meet up occasionally for a catchup
  1. Turtle
    Okay so not super exotic but this feels like the most practical for me to actually own
  2. Komodo Dragon
    Favourite animal hands down.
  3. Unicorn
    If I live in a world where someone in a 4th story apartment should own an exotic animal why not a unicorn?
  4. Sloth
    Netflix binge with my sloth seems pretty awesome
Some have more guilt than others (here's looking at you reality TV)
  1. The Voice
    It is not just how often I have cried watching this show it is how hard I blubber that makes this a guilty pleasure
  2. The Iron Chef
    Whether it is the U.S. or Japanese version it is gold.
  3. Books clearly targeting teenagers
    Looking at twilight, the hunger games, divergent ... Even when I think there stories are sometimes derivative and poorly written I cannot stop the addiction
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Sometimes you just cannot stop yourself from enjoying a classic
  1. The Shawshank Redemption
    When the warden is in the cell and throws the rock through the poster #shankingawesome
  2. Armageddon
    The appearance of the 2nd armadillo when all hope looked lost #moviemagic
  3. StarTrek
    JJ pulled out the magic and from beginning to end it is a reimagined masterpiece
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