Never been a great sleeper but god damn these nights have been rough
  1. Hockey games
    Kind I used to play as a kid in the old rink on Mayberry. Usually I get a puck slammed at my teeth in the dream. More teeth than I should have come falling out of my mouth
  2. Silent trains
    Either im riding one or I'm standing next to the tracks. God damn thing doesn't make a sound except the creaking if it's wood paneling
  3. A violent, shirtless Johnny Cochran
    This ones been showing up since '94 though
  4. Holcombs with a couple extra joints in each limb
    Guy from my unit. Had a misfire with a mortar that shredded his hands. He desperately wanted to find his wedding ring. He didn't
  5. A horse the size of a cruise ship
    Really majestic thing. Pure. Imposing. Hurt to look at
  6. Fire
    Always and everywhere in its purifying glory
  7. Riddles
    Some of them are dumb, probably from my old gum wrappers, but every now and then I'm tasked with deciphering an impossible shape
  8. Pam Anderson's disembodied tits
    Like they God damn walked off her body to go about their day I curl up with one usually but it rebuffs me and feels cold
  9. Some sort of fleshy tar that sticks to things and then sucks whatever into its void
    This is either my soul or bubblegum or both