1. My name is Joe Gryzymkowski, and after I got drafted to take the fight to Charlie I was assigned to the Black Horse regiment, a damn proud bunch of soldiers
  2. I was a little guy and everyone was happy to remind me of that, too
  3. But you're the biggest man on earth when you're driving an M48
  4. One day out on a thunder run some of the guys got cocky, horsing around on the road
  5. VC came out of god damn nowhere, but they always did. They weren't anywhere but they were everywhere. Eyes floating in the trees. Their mouths screaming bullets
  6. Grenade took out a tank tread. The guys were taking heavy fire from all sides while I tried to salvage the tank and radio in
  7. Nothing doing
  8. Nobody knew what the god damn to do. And I hate it when NCOs get limp dicked
  9. The tank could only take so much punishment. So could I. Maybe it was the heat. Pushed past 100 for four days straight and I was in fortified tin can for all of it. Maybe it was the mud. Had to shovel out so many damn times. Maybe it was Gregors yelping in my ear all god damn day
  10. Either way, I had work to do
  11. I took over gunner and targeted a section of trees while I shoulder mounted an RPG and got out the hatch.
  12. Didn't care about the bullet fire. If I died, I died
  13. Blasted in opposite directions
  14. Went down, reloaded, repositioned the tank, unloaded, repeated until we had a neat circle of smoldering trees behind us
  15. The firing stopped. VC cleared out
  16. The guys saw little Joe as a man of rockets shooting out both ends, bringer of hell fire to Charlie, and knew the little man packed a big punch
  17. So they called me Bazooka
  18. The gum people liked the name and my Medal of Honor parlayed nicely to their product, so they kept it. Never was that name supposed to leave that jungle.
  19. But then we all brought a lot of stuff out of that jungle we shouldn't have