1. Bought a nice house in the suburbs with my gum money. Yard, picket fence, the god damn American Dream
  2. Never much cared about it but I wanted somewhere quiet. Have trouble sleeping, keep dreaming some god damn awful things, but quiet helps
  3. Since I don't sleep much I bought myself a hammock for the backyard. Keep a stash of gum and some magazines by it. Catch the dawn light with a cup of coffee almost like I can taste peace again
  4. But then the neighbor kid got the god damn dumbest dog I ever seen
  5. Thing would run in circles for hours, barking up a storm, eat anything it found, puke it out, eat the puke
  6. Some serious god damn damage with that thing
  7. One morning I start brewing my cup of coffee and I hear some scratching and shuffling out my back door
  8. Grab the .22 because I'll be god damned if anyone comes onto my property. Wouldn't be the first time someone harassed me. Being a gum mascot gives people a license to fuck with you, apparently
  9. Go outside and see its the god damn dog. Got into my gum and ate so much of it the dogs esophagus was clammed up
  10. Could barely breathe, flailing about
  11. If there's one thing I hate, it's suffering. Seen too much of it in my life. I know the look in any creatures eye when it yearns to be free
  12. So I decided to do what I did to Holcomb after a mine ripped off his legs to the pelvis
  13. The .22 would wake up the neighbors so I got out a fine 6 inch blade
  14. Slit that dogs throat quick and quiet. Just like Holcomb
  15. As it bled it gave me a look of anger and gratitude. Maybe thing wasn't so dumb. Maybe I imagined it. My eye plays tricks on me sometimes.
  16. After it was done kicking I threw it into an old gum case and used the hose to wash the blood to the drain
  17. Brought it out to the woods and buried it. More than Holcomb ever got
  18. As I went back to my house I thought how fragile this god damn thing we call life is. How some gum can give you a house or take away your ability to breathe. Good to know in case I ever need to take matters into my own hands
  19. Neighbors told the kid the dog ran away. They aren't wrong
  20. Got the kid a stuffed animal dog. Quieter. Smarter. Won't leave him. Known too many loud dumb people who up and died. I appreciate the improvement
  21. Don't know if the kid did
  22. God damn my life is just blood and gum
  23. God damn that dog. God rest it's soul