Long story why I don't have one, maybe for another time. But there's some stuff that happens when you have a necessary eye patch
  1. Pirate jokes
    You'd think people would have some god damn sense about this but you still get called "matey" and that crap. Last guy who asked where my peg leg was got a pool cue broke over his back
  2. Depth perception
    Not the worst, all things considered. Life just looks flat. Which it is. Everything is flat and fake, like some weird stage play of what life should be. But I can see behind the curtain. Be glad you can't
  3. People think you're hiding something
    Only thing I'm hiding is what should be hidden. You want to come down my path, don't be amazed at the darkness. It's an endless tunnel
  4. Everyone wants to ask you how you lost it, especially kids
    When I sit on the park bench feeding ducks some snot face will come up and ask me about it. Usually tell them I got it taken by someone who I asked a question to that I shouldn't have. Then I give them a piece of gum. Shit heads
  5. That you're forever marked as an inferior person
    They see you walking down the street, hat pulled down low, they know you don't want to be bothered. But they can still see, they look to see how you're the freak because they want to feel justified ignoring you. Making sure you're just a shadow who won't break their happy glass life. That's when I look at them with the good eye. I won't be a god damn shadow for anybody. I've got too many of my own