1. To walk in on the first day of school in skinny jeans and have everyone ask you, "Have you lost weight?"
  2. To be able to tuck in your shirts and have no muffin top
  3. For the THIGH GAP!!!
  4. So as not to be embarrassed when your shirt lifts up - pretend it's no big deal
  5. Because you'll be the skinny friend
  6. Every time people are eating (school) you'll be the strong one
  7. For everyone to start liking you
  8. For teeny wrists and fingers - "Omg this bracelet/ring is way too big!"
  9. So that when you kneel, your thighs still look skinny
  10. So your stomach doesn't have any rolls when you sit down
  11. So you see that glorious number - 85 - on the scale. Keep going; it will keep going down!
  12. To feel the hipbones, collarbones, spine and ribs
  13. To see and feel the shoulder bones, to be able to put your fingers around your upper arm and thigh