Many people want to lose weight in the new year. Use the new year to start making disaster plans. Here is a month-by-month idea calendar that will take you through June.
  1. January: Review your current emergency plans and kits
    Update any supplies that are expired or just don't make sense.
  2. February: Take a first-aid or CPR class from @AmericanRedCross
    This will help you to be ready to respond when emergencies happen right in front of you.
  3. March: Make plans to join the Great Utah ShakeOut
    This state wide emergency drill takes place on April 21, 2016. You can sign up and learn more at Our goal is to get 1 million people to participate. Last year, we had 965,000.
  4. April: Actually participate in the ShakeOut on April 21
    Practice the earthquake actions of drop, cover and hold on and share your experience on social media. Afterwards, conduct a home hazard hunt: Look around your home to find out what items might fall off of shelves or come loose and figure out a way to secure them.
  5. May: Community Emergency Response Team (CERT)
    Chances are, you live near or in a community that conducts CERT training on a regular basis. Contact your fire department to ask where and when this training occurs. Once you take the training, you'll be more prepared to help your neighbors in an emergency.
  6. June: Food and water storage
    If you don't have a disaster food and water supply, start small. Just add a couple of 1 gallon water bottles to your grocery list each time you go to the store. You can also pick up a few extra cans of food each time you shop. Start with the goal of having two weeks worth of food and water for each member of your family.
  7. We'll come back later in the month with ideas for the rest of the year.
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