Reasons I cry on trains

it's a habit I developed very early on in life. it's therapeutic, anonymous & I recommend you try it.
  1. I'm so, so, so, so tired.
    I've been commuting by public transit since I was 16. Every late night or obscenely early morning I've had has been on the train.
  2. Someone tried to beat me up.
    And no one helped! Why doesn't anyone ever help!?
  3. I'm lost
    I've easily spent ten thousand hours getting lost on public transit. Officially an expert now.
  4. I don't want to go on another tinder date.
    Please break down. Please break down. Please please please.
  5. A street mime just scared me so much that I had to get on another train and I have no idea where I'm going.
    This has happened twice.
  6. My tinder date went really badly.
  7. My phone is dead, I didn't bring a book and I'm kind of just bored.