Inspired by @libby92 and her post. A toast I gave at my brother's wedding a few years ago.
  1. I’m not too good at toasts…
    I do know milk, cinnamon, eggs, and syrup… that's a French toast. Kidding, kidding.
  2. (Pull out card from jacket pocket)
    Kelly, you are so lucky to have a man like my brother. He is one of the smartest, most caring, handsome, and….umm…Blake I can’t read your handwriting here. (Point to card)
  3. In all honesty, Blake is all of those things and more. The way he handles life is magic. I’m sure a lot of you have witnessed this.
    As a matter of fact he even preformed a great magic trick at Ian and Allison’s (another brother and his wife) wedding last year, but I’m no good at magic tricks…
  4. Pull out deck of cards
    Throw deck on to the wall with KH & QH sticking against the wall
  5. Blake is my only older brother and he has taught me a great deal about how to be the best I can be. If you ever need guidance or wisdom ,or a pun or two, everyone in this room knows Blake is the man to see. I love you big brother.
  6. And Kelly, I’ve only just met you in person today, but even in that short time you’ve impressed me. Our family is a tough one to break into. We can be pretty intimidating, but that didn’t deter you in the slightest, and that says something about you.
    Our family is that much better with you apart of it. I’m sure you’ve come to realize you have to put up with a lot of bad jokes in this family, but getting married to Blake, you must know what you’re in for.
  7. I look forward to knowing you more, and spending time with you as a sister. You are such a special person, and I’m glad my brother took the time to find you.
  8. (Some hugs, some tears)
  9. Wedding’s are always emotional, even the cupcakes are in tiers.
  10. My only wish for you both is that each day of your marriage is better than the previous, so that you can look back on today, your wedding day, and say that it was the worst day of your lives together. (cheers, raise glass)
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