1. An easy way to pick a date that works for everyone's schedule
  2. Get the chords from any song on YouTube
  3. Check boxes of items you have in your fridge and it will show you recipes to make with those items
  4. Find a central place for everyone to meet
  5. Coupons for all over the internet
  6. 100's of tasks completed by people on the Internet for $5
  7. All the words in the world. Pronounced.
  8. Rain makes everything better
  9. Nerdy and cool things to spend your excess cash on
  10. A huge internet archive of books, movies, music, and more
  11. Great resource for colors for artists
  12. Like rainy mood but with more sounds and customizable
  13. Free and easy email reminders
  14. Check your writing for more than just spelling errors
  15. Edit photos online in your browser
  16. Find the best times to run to the bathroom during a movie
  17. Track historical prices for products on Amazon and get alerted on price drops
  18. Giphy