These conclusions are based only on the last 24 hours I've spent in your wonderful city, and could very well be very wrong, but some things I've noticed...
  1. People in Toronto walk fast, really fast
    I thought I was a fast walker, until I got my heel stepped on by a business man at 9am. People from San Francisco, if you think that walking and texting shit will fly here, think again.
  2. Coats, coats everywhere
    In one day I've managed to see every style of coat imaginable. Burlington Coat Factory should move here and change their name to Toronto Coat Factory, they'd sell a ton of coats.
  3. Everyone drives a nice car
    You think your BMW is cool bro? Think again. Grandma drives her M3 to the Loblaws. I saw just about as many Aston Martins and Bentlys as I would on Rodeo Drive.
  4. And nearly everyone dresses well
    Now this may be subject to the Financial and Entertainment Districts, but man do the people of Toronto know how to dress. It was like a walking Pinterest board.
  5. It's a quieter less forthcoming city than say Vancouver
    ...but the teenagers here have quite the mouths on them. I haven't heard so many "f words" dropped since George Carlin passed.
  6. You love doughnuts as much as the next Canadian
    And Tim Ho's coffee, and poutine, and beer...but you have peameal bacon to yourselves.
  7. Free WiFi everywhere
    You would think coming from the Silicon Valley I wouldn't be impressed by this, but Toronto puts us to shame.
  8. It's a lovely city and I hope to visit again sometime soon.
    On top of everything, you have board game cafés!
  9. Static
  10. Static
  11. Static