It's Black History Month

(Ignore the Fake News misreporting my poem celebrating Blacks from earlier today –– here it is, just for you.)
  1. So this is our little breakfast
  2. Our little get-together.
  3. Just a few notes.
  4. We honor the tremendous history of African-Americans.
  5. Throughout the world
  6. (If you really think about it)
  7. That's a job... not only... it's mind and spirit!
  8. (Right, Ben?)
  9. Dr. Martin Luther King...
  10. The statue is cherished
  11. Fake News!
  12. It's one of my favorite things in —
  13. Fake News!
  14. We have some good ones.
  15. I noticed Rosa Parks
  16. Big impact!
  17. Paris... He's all by himself!
  18. I'll take Paris over the seven.
  19. We need better wages.
  20. A lot better wages!
  21. Ben is gonna be doing that.
  22. Big league.
  23. I want to thank my television star over there!
  24. (She's actually very nice)
  25. You really helped me a lot.