(Ignore the Fake News misreporting my poem celebrating Blacks from earlier today –– here it is, just for you.)
  1. So this is our little breakfast
  2. Our little get-together.
  3. Just a few notes.
  4. We honor the tremendous history of African-Americans.
  5. Throughout the world
  6. (If you really think about it)
  7. That's a job... not only... it's mind and spirit!
  8. (Right, Ben?)
  9. Dr. Martin Luther King...
  10. The statue is cherished
  11. Fake News!
  12. It's one of my favorite things in —
  13. Fake News!
  14. We have some good ones.
  15. I noticed Rosa Parks
  16. Big impact!
  17. Paris... He's all by himself!
  18. I'll take Paris over the seven.
  19. We need better wages.
  20. A lot better wages!
  21. Ben is gonna be doing that.
  22. Big league.
  23. I want to thank my television star over there!
  24. (She's actually very nice)
  25. You really helped me a lot.