Some of these are legit. Some of these are not. I am a romantic coward.
  1. We had to make out on stage a bunch over the course of several weeks and it seemed like it would not be helpful. (x 2)
    Then he started dating someone else.
  2. He was my teacher/professor. (x 5)
    Actually counting these up is really surprising. Five seems like a lot.
  3. He was kind of the worst.
    Good call, past me.
  4. He was seriously dating someone else. (x 6)
    Ugh so frustrating. I usually really like the girlfriend. I can't decide if that helps.
  5. I wouldn't admit to myself that I had a crush on him because he was SO clearly out of my league and that would be UGH SO EMBARASSING. (x 2)
    I will not be doing this again. Goodbye, my teen years.
  6. Everything he wrote or said in English class was BEAUTIFUL and INSIGHTFUL, but I didn't really know him outside of class so I thought it would be weird. (x 3)
    10th grade, 11th grade, Junior year of college. English class is a strange place.
  7. We were friends and part of the same social group. I figured this could only end badly. I'm not an emotional risk-taker. (x 3)
    I still don't know if these were good calls. Maybe that means that they weren't.
  8. S/he is a celebrity or a fictional character and I have never actually met him/her. (x 1 million)
    Rachel Maddow, call me.