Awesome actual parents with a sense of humor I can (usually) get on board with.
  1. Shanda Lear
    Daughter of Bill Lear, founder of the Lear Jet Corporation
  2. Krystal Ball
    Political commentator on MSNBC/Former congressional candidate
  3. North West
    Daughter of Kimye
  4. Pepper Salter
    A high school classmate of my father. Daughter of a former mayor of Beverly Hills.
  5. Virginia (Ginger) Snapp
    Another a high school classmate of my father, though I can find no independent verification of her existence. (LA parents in the late 40s were all about punny names I guess...)
  6. Heaven Lee Angel
    My old camp counselor swore he knew someone with this name
    Suggested by @sky
  7. Christian Raak (pronounced Rock)
    Okay idk if this one counts because he's Norwegian and didn't get any of the Creed and Three Days Grace jokes I made, but it still tickles me to this day
    Suggested by @k8mcgarry