Inspired by @carey
  1. ...need to discuss potential hair cuts and colors in depth.
  2. ...want to watch 8 episodes in a row of a skills-based reality show with minimal fighting.
    The Great British Bake-Off? Face-Off? The Next Food Network Star? Jeopardy? I'm your GIRL.
  3. ...want to talk about pop culture the way people talk about British productions of Shakespeare plays.
  4. ...want to talk about British productions of Shakespeare plays.
    Or any productions. Or imaginary future productions. Or just the words.
  5. ...want to do a deep dive into names.
    Baby names. Character names. Cat names. I'm here for you and can refer you to a variety of blogs.
  6. ...are in the mood to do nothing and don't want to be judged for it.
    Is this the same as the last one?
  7. ...feel like going to a baseball game.
  8. ...need to complain about someone's social media antics.
  9. ...need a delicious but "rustically" decorated baked good, stat.
  10. ...want to plan a theme party.
    Only if puns are permitted when naming the foods.
  11. ...feel like a long walk and chat.
    Even if we're on opposite sides of the country.
  12. ...are in the mood to play a trivia-based board game non-competitively.
  13. ...feel like an evening of wine, handicrafts, and Antiques Roadshow.
    I'm 24, why?
  14. NOT have a legal question.
    Seriously, guys. I'm not barred yet and I am literally required to tell you this every time you ask.