Guys, I'm getting a cat! ✨🐱✨
  1. Minerva
    McGonagall, who frequently turns into a cat. Also the Roman goddess of wisdom, I guess.
  2. Agatha
  3. Masha
    From The Seagull. This is especially apt if I adopt a black cat because Masha has my favorite emo line in all of theater: Someone asks her why she always wears black and she says, "Because I am in mourning for my life." Then, being a Chekhov character, she downs some vodka.
  4. Phryne
    Fisher. Of Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries.
  5. Ada
  6. Velma
  7. Aphra
  8. Hildy
    The lady cabbie from On The Town.
  9. L'Engle
  10. Knope
  11. Lyra
    From The Golden Compass.
  12. Pantalaimon
    Also from The Golden Compass. Not a woman, but an actual animal (/daemon). Bonus: Nickname Pants.