1. Miss Fisher is the sort of lady who carries a gold-plated gun in her handbag.
    What? You don't?
  2. She takes only The World's Classiest Shots (TM).
  3. This is Miss Fisher getting her mugshot taken.
    "You're not taking this situation seriously." - Detective Jack Robinson "I haven't taken anything seriously since 1918." - Miss Phryne Fisher
  4. "I don't allow myself to be lustfully compromised during my murder investigations." - Miss Phryne Fisher
  5. Minimum one sexy man per episode with whom Miss Fisher may opt to have a dalliance. It's basically like the rotating Bond girls up in here for a while. #Equality
    "I do approve of a man who can fight and still maintain his sartorial elegance." - Miss Fisher, of this guy, post bearing three men in hand to hand combat while dressed for the opera.
  6. Set design has casually furnished Miss Fisher's home with as many nudes as possible.
    Which seems about right.
  7. This episode description.
  8. So
  9. Much
  10. Wonderful
  11. Headgear
  12. On
  13. The
  14. Ladies
  15. (And on the men, too)
  16. The leisurewear is aspirational.
  17. Actually, everything is aspirational.
  18. And of course, WILL THEY OR WON'T THEY?