Not really sure this is relevant to anyone here, but...
  1. You can do this.
  2. Just, let's get some coffee.
  3. Ugh. I've been on campus for 3 minutes and I've already overheard an arcane civil procedure based joke.
  4. Remember when I used to make those?
  5. That coping mechanism wore out quickly...
    But I should try to be tolerant of the people still using it.
  6. Why is this room so full 15 minutes before class is supposed to start?
    And why am I here? I have to time this better.
  7. Wow. I am wearing more color than the rest of the students in my administrative law class combined.
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    Floral prints are my weakness. And it's still August!
  8. Look! Two people I know from 1L but have not spoken to in over a year! They are sitting next to me! Yes! Save me from the 2Ls and their at-least-we-aren't-1Ls enthusiasm!
  9. This professor is adorable. I think she's going to succeed in making this class bearable. This is the world's least adorable subject, but look how much she likes it!
  10. It's only been half an hour?
  11. It's only been 45 minutes?
  12. My hair is like a beacon--I must pay attention!
    Unfortunate side effect of going platinum blonde is that professors tend to notice me in a crowd.
  13. 30 minutes to go!
  14. Ten more mi--wait, we're done early?
    This will never happen again.
  15. Ugh the throng of 1Ls looking for their classrooms...
  16. A friend! Hi friend!
  17. Bye friend :(
    Friend had class.
  18. I forgot how physically out of place I feel here.
  19. Half a day down! Not close enough to count how many there are to go!