A stream on consciousness...Thanks for letting me think out loud (sort of), denizens of ListApp 😘
  1. β€’
    Yikes. I don't know!?
  2. β€’
    I want next year to suck less.
  3. β€’
    And odds are good that it will!
  4. β€’
  5. β€’
    But then I have to take the bar.
  6. β€’
    Whatevs. It'll be fine.
  7. β€’
    ...What else?
  8. β€’
    Find a job I love?
    This may be tough timing-wise if I decide I want to sort of job that won't hire until I'm barred.
  9. β€’
    Alternatively: Either move to a Spanish-speaking country to re-up to fluent...
  10. β€’
    ...OR take an Arabic intensive and move to Europe or the Middle East to work with refugees.
  11. β€’
    Keep playing guitar. Maybe finally master bar chords or literally ANY other strumming pattern?
  12. β€’
    Take up cross-stitch.
    Seems like fun and very on-brand for someone who loves antiques roadshow and early bedtimes as much as I do.
  13. β€’
    Tend to my most important friendships.
  14. β€’
    Go on some dates.
    Ugh I hate dating. Is this really a good resolution?
  15. β€’
    Be (cautiously) optimistic!
    I'm normally very practical and "ok what's next" but I let law school wear me way down. Time to recalibrate my attitude.
  16. β€’
    Find a roommate when my 1BR lease is up at the end of July. (Won't it be fun to take the bar in another state AND try to move in the same week?)
    Wait, NO! Optimism! Op.tim.ism. I can do it!
  17. β€’
    Write something. Start a creative project.
    Options: Genre fiction or a one of my two podcast/documentary ideas. Just make something. Have something concrete to build on next year.
  18. β€’
    Make out with three people.
    Is this weird? I think I just mean: Get out there. Meet some strangers. Take risks. Analyze less.
  19. β€’
    Oh, obvious one: Pass the bar.
    Please, PLEASE let me pass the bar.
  20. β€’
    Find a way to actually decompress and get off the grid both post-grad pre-bar and post-bar.
    Do it with a friend. See: Tend to important friendships.
  21. β€’
    Are these resolutions? I think I'm just making vague plans now. Or ARE resolutions just vague plans?
  22. β€’
    Oh! Go to the abs class at the gym with my (ex) clinic partner once a week. Also go to Zumba.
    Time for some non-elliptical but still kind to my tendons exercise!
  23. β€’
    Be kind. Be fun. Be less stressed. Be willing to lean on people.
  24. β€’
    Take risks.
    This is my resolution every year. (Actually, it used to be "make mistakes" but I adjusted in the name of optimism.)