Offered as part of Draft Week
  1. Pop Culture Happy Hour
    I would like to have a weekly brunch with Linda, Stephen, and Glen.
  2. Reply All
    Current obsession. I just blitzed through all 30-some back episodes of this and loved nearly all of them. Also their ads are surprisingly entertaining. Like, I don't automatically skip through them.
  3. This American Life
    The granddaddy of all podcasts. Annoying only because I like to have a better idea of what kind of story I'm getting myself into. (AKA am I in a place where it's appropriate to laugh/cry or am I on the metro)
  4. Planet Money
    Occasionally falters, but their t-shirt project from a few years back, in particular, was great.
  5. Judge John Hodgman
    Either absurd or surprisingly profound. Perfect for when I don't feel like learning anything factual, but also don't just want to listen to music.
  6. Podcasts I Like
    Radiolab (too hit or miss for me to make the Adore list), BBC World Service (good for getting news while traveling to far-flung places), Wait Wait...Don't Tell Me (timeliness is key for this one--except the Kim Kardashian segment...Listen to that), OhNo Ross and Carrie (hit or miss, ethically sticky sometimes?), The Seams (so here for the premise, not always the execution)
  7. Podcasts I Haven't Hear Enough Of To Judge (Jury's Still Out)
    Death, Sex, and Money, WTF with Marc Maron, Serial (What will season 2 be? Season 1 was weird for me because I have a public defense background)
  8. Podcasts On My To-Listen-To List
    You Must Remember This (particularly the series on the Manson murders as recommended by Teo Bossy Dames), Longform (the episodes with Rukmini Callinachi especially, as referred by ReplyAll), Mystery Show, Radio Ambulante (got to keep up my Spanish!)